Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price bears a line of $ 10,000
Bitcoin’s latest price indicator is less satisfactory if you do not have a bear. Today, the most digital asset is 32% up to 2019 for high dollars to 13,739 dollars, and short-term action is still too much.

During the last two weeks, Bitcoin has been established on M-Top with US $ 13,739 and $ 13,177. Most traders think that Bitcoin retrace to 61.8% and 50% Fibonacci Retracement level, which is also close to the CME futures gap. It is possible that the group considers the CME’s abyss, causing it to function as a magnet, the price of the BTC is close to $ 8,500 to $ 7,500.


Traders also noted that as a result of expanding Wikipedia’s expansion, from 4000 dollars to 2019, parabolic trends have long been considered negatively, therefore, the probability of returning 61.8 fibers.

So a short-term perspective is firm. Although some analysts across the sector remain extremely bullish on the Bitcoin long-term action. Let’s see some of the main factors influencing their thinking.
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Dormant Bitcoin Wallet’s address hit a new all-time high
This week Coin Metrics has published a report on the untapped supply of Bitcoin, which has reached 21% of all time.

BTC is not available

The number of unlimited Bitcoin over the last five years has increased and coins attracted to this category have been opened in 180 dollars and up to 2 years in the same purse. This indicates that Bitcoin is becoming more and more expensive than the exchange average. It can be assumed that if Bitcoin’s price continues to increase, it will be the number of unchanged Bitcoin.

However, everyone does not support this conclusion. The founder of Adam Capital, Tuu Demestere, said:

“I’m not so convinced […] 5 years without renewing your cold storage method for a long time Bitcoin. Imo most of these coins are likely lost.”

While Demeester can be right, taking a deep look at the Coin Metrics chart shows that a number of unspecified coins on the 1800-day and 1-year schedule have noticeably increased compared to the time frame. This increase also corresponds to the increase in Bitcoin prices in US dollars.

Finally, this report shows the correlation of Bitcoin and the amount of cash in the possession of digital assets.

Starting with new bull markets, the data shows the mineral capitulation
On Saturday, an expert cryptologist PlanB spoke on a rather intriguing chart that he and ParabolicTrav worked.


How to handle the gout attack during the flight: a summary


Drop attacks are quite common during the air trip. This is something you may not have heard or thought about, but here you have important information that you should keep in mind while you are on board especially when you forget to take Gout medication before you embark.
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There are two important factors that can cause gout flares, especially while they want; This may be due to lack of mobility or dehydration. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that the circulation of blood is always maintained by regular movements and always kept hydrated.
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The economy that sits on an airplane almost does not give you enough space to move. Your legs are always narrow unless you have a smaller frame. However, remember that you have the privilege of requesting water and other fluids during a flight.
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Due to the slow blood circulation, especially when the plasma is more saturated and with the increase in the presence of uric acid, it is likely to be an attack of gout. In other words, there is more chance that uric acid crystallizes in MSU crystals, which causes pain, inflammation and acute droplet fever. This pain gets worse on the feet, especially when you are parked for a long period during a flight.
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An attack of gout is frequent in the big toe of the feet. Therefore, be sure to take more care of your feet. Keeping them warm as cold is also another reason why uric acid can crystallize. In addition it is a natural fact that the feet are the coolest part of the body. To improve blood circulation in a plane below there is some easy point
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i] Walk up and down the corridor between the flight.

ii] If your flight has a stopover or transit, pass as much as you can instead of sitting in the lounge or in the bar seats.
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iii] During the flights you also get a information leaflet with some simple exercises you can do to improve the blood circulation of the body.
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The main reason for dehydration on board is that the air in the cabin has less humidity than the normal air we breathe on the floor. Dehydration is not good for gout and the risk grows when the duration of the flight is long. Uric acid is not very soluble, but drinking a lot of water can help reduce the chances of crystallization. Experts often recommend that 6/8 x 6 glasses of water be consumed daily. So when you are on a flight, this is even more essential.



The helicopters of Las Vegas fly to the Grand Canyon easily and quickly


Why are the helicopters of Las Vegas the preferred way to visit the Grand Canyon? Simple Speed, comfort and price.


Many people do not know that Las Vegas is 120 kilometers from the West Rim and only takes a 45-minute helicopter to reach it. The South Rim is a different story. It is 400 km from The Strip and requires a 45-minute flight of flight at the Grand Canyon Airport, with which you will have to move to your helicopter.
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West Rim

West Rim (also known as the Grand Canyon West) is popular among visitors to Las Vegas for three reasons: 1) It’s a half day excursion; 2) you can fly to the bottom; and 3) you can experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk. West Rim trips include pick-up and departure at your Las Vegas hotel, as well as a light snack, Champaign toast or lunch. The best time to go out is in the morning to get back to Las Vegas in the afternoon.
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Grand Canyon West is the only place where you can fly to the bottom of the Canyon and you can update this package to include a rafting trip on the Colorado River. The other main attraction is the Skywalk. Known as the “Glass Bridge”, this horseshoe structure extends 70 feet beyond the edge, rising 4,000 feet from the river.
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South Rim

The trip to South Rim, which includes picking up and leaving the hotel, is worth making an extra effort because it is the home of the park’s most famous views. The flight from Las Vegas lands at the Grand Canyon airport, where we will transfer you to your helicopter. Here there is no route of background landing helium. Instead of that, you’ll get fantastic aerial views of Hermit’s Rest, Mather Point, Dragon Runway, the northern edge and much more. The updates include an airplane flight to the Glen Canyon Dam for a day of an incredible rafting.

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Las Vegas helicopter operators fly EcoStar planes. These helis are built from scratch to make tourism. The size of the cabin is 25% larger than the usual helicopter. The temperatures of the Grand Canyon may be extreme, but they do not coincide with the EcoStar climate control system.
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The seats in the stadium, a configuration where the seats are staggered and faced, is standard. These aircraft incorporate Fenestron tail rotor, which reduces noise by 50%.
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For South Rim travelers, fixed wing aircraft handle the airplane segment of your trip. Papillon, for example, flies Vistaliner, a personalized aircraft with large windows and plush seats. Like the helicopters, the Vistaliner is calm, controlled by the weather and rationalized for a gentle trip.
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The most important United States helicopter companies operate in Las Vegas, including Papillon, Maverick and Sundance. This means that there are plenty of tours for the Grand Canyon West and South Rim to choose from. The market is also competitive, and is obliged to find good deals. Since it is the largest operator, Papillon Helicopters offers the best prices and promotions.
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Your best trip to West Rim is the Grand Celebration and your South Rim one is the Grand Canyon Deluxe with a helicopter. Maverick and Sundance have positioned themselves as high-end visit providers and their prices are higher than those of Papillon.
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Having said that, Maverick offers more personalized trips and wedding packages. The route prices for Grand Canyon West and South Rim are similar and range between 250 and 425 dollars per person.
Updates, such as rafting, horse riding and horse riding, increase the price per person and are booked in advance, since the addition of these updates during the tour will be sold at a premium. For low prices on these routes, book online.

The helicopters in Las Vegas are a fast and satisfying way to visit the Grand Canyon. Flights last 45 minutes in heli to Grand Canyon West; South Rim requires a 45-minute flight of flights before transferring to your helicopter. Hope to spend half a day on these trips.
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The aircraft that uses these routes offer a lot of comfort: helicopters have climatic control and have style seats and surrounding windows. The plane from the Las Vegas area to the Grand Canyon on the South River trip is equally equipped.
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Airline prices for West Rim and South Rim are similar, but Papillon Helicopter trips are the cheapest, especially if they are sold on the company’s website. The only thing to keep in mind when it comes to taking a helicopter tour of Las Vegas is the sight and activities. Decide this and be on the path to an incredible adventure.



How to spend time quickly on an airplane


Air travel is one of the fastest, most efficient and safe ways of travel that man has developed. However, for most people, spending a few hours by plane is a boring and boring experience. Knowing how to quickly spend your time on an airplane will benefit you both physically and mentally. Long tedious and monotonous flight time, together with the endless corner of the engine and other audible environmental noise, can make a person bored and exhausted.
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Spending time quickly on an airplane is not as complicated as it seems. Knowing how to spend time will make your trip much more bearable. Most people just try to stay quiet and be calm, but to be honest; This only makes things more unbearable and time goes by even slower. It would also contradict our first advice on how to spend time quickly on an airplane, which is:
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1. Stop watching the clock. Watching the clock and counting time will only make you count more sheep and will exhaust you unnecessarily. If you check the time frequently, the time will only be slower on an airplane. As it is called “a watch never seen is moving”
2. Another small but excellent idea of ​​spending time quickly on an airplane is deep breathing, since most people with any type of medical knowledge would suggest. It is probably the most common health council in the hospital, in addition to “drinking a lot of water.” The superficial breathing and quickly deceives our body to think that the time moves more slowly. So take a deep breath and let time go quickly.
3. Aside from ignoring the slowness of time, a great technique to get the fastest time on an airplane is to converse with people sitting next to you. Making a good conversation not only makes time go faster, but also offers opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. It is a winning deal.
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4. Dream is probably more common sense than advice, but it’s worth mentioning. Sleep will not only help you spend a longer time on an airplane, but also will prepare you and rejuvenate your mind and body for the activities that you may want to reach your destination.

5. Can not you sleep? Well maybe a bit of calming music can help you sleep and make time to fly quickly to the plane. Music has shown to make the boring and exhausting flights much more bearable. It is no secret that music can affect our mood. Therefore, it is likely to be wise when you try to spend the fastest time while you have an airplane to play a musical genre that has this effect relaxing on you.

6. Nowadays, everything we need may be in your pocket. If you have your portable game team, you can spend time playing and enjoying this free time. This is also a great option for those restless children. These games can do wonders in children, keeping them concentrated and, most importantly, quiet and busy.

7. Laptops, such as laptops, also allow you to spend time during a long flight. Most modern airplanes even have power supplies for recharging and wireless Internet connection and we all know what the Internet means. Internet is the best cure for boredom and, without a doubt, will make the flight much more bearable.

8. The movies in flight are also available on most airplanes; If you are lucky, you can find the projection film to your liking, which will probably make the flight stay at least 2 hours. Nowadays, many airplanes allow you to choose between a selection of films that can be played on your personal screen, located on the back of the front. Like watching a movie at home, flying movies will surely help you to spend your time more quickly during a long plane.

9. In a long and calm flight, there is nothing more entertaining than reading a good book. Now, it does not even have to be a physical book; You can read e-books on your phone or other device by hand. Some people enjoy reading newspapers, magazines or comics to spend time on an airplane. There’s really no better way to spend time on an airplane than reading a great book!


Start up a jet-cleaning business


So, do you like planes and want to start an aircraft washing service? I can not blame you, as I did the same. After cleaning thousands of planes over the years, I paid my flight school, the first plane and then I started an aircraft laundering franchise as a modulus from another franchise company I had founded. Named the aircraft wash guys, they found out soon enough that they needed to meet aircraft owners, operators based on FBOs and pilots in chief. We have always specialized in washing and polishing airplanes. We have cleaned up thousands of private aircraft, corporate planes, flight clubs, flight schools and helicopters. The company My Wash Wash Guys was originally founded more than twenty years ago and began as a jet aircraft service.

As you know, aviation people are serious about flying and a clean plane makes the flight more fun and enjoyable. Business aviators need you to keep your image positive. When the aircraft rental company will not only bring out the aircraft exteriors, you must also have carpet cleaning. Many of our crew are also private pilots and pay for pilots as part of your team of workers. For more information on airplane laundering, I've put some additional ideas online to help you.


We have always kept the prices low and lowered by volume, you may want to do so or charge the price continuously. Our rates are at the lower end of the spectrum and this will give you a good starting point on prices.

Unique washing machines from $ 20.00 to $ 45.00, with a debugging of $ 60.00-140.00, weekly washing $ 20.00;

Twin machines 45.00-90.00 dollars of washing, with a debugging of 90.00-240.00 $, weekly washing 40.00 $; Corporate jets for washing from 90.00 to 140.00 dollars, with an amount of $ 180.00-4.00.00, weekly washing of $ 80.00;

Helicopters 30.00-100.00 dollars of washing, hits 45.00-180.00 USD, weekly washing $ 30.00. Shampooing, brilliant work and polished aluminum, we will generally offer customers' budgets for free.

You will have to perform these services during the client's timetable and usually accommodate, immediate services, day or night, afternoons and weekends. Customizing your services according to the client's requirements must become your specialty. You will also need the following things:

Two million in civil liability insurance

Quiet machines and professional equipment with uniform

Monthly invoice for "N" -Number

Onboard water recovery device, compatible with the EPA

Unit mounted on truck or trailer, completely independent, painted with yellow security

Having a small airline cleaning service company can be very rewarding and, although hard work, it can be an extension of your flight hobby. Do you only think that you have to pay to rent some of the last and largest airplanes and spend the entire airport all day long? And yes, they will even pay you very well to do this. Think about it.


Get in the sky with a friendly Boeing 747 flight simulator


Airplane flight simulator games are a success right now, and you can make a flight simulation to a whole new level by testing a Boeing 747 Flight Simulator. You will have several Boeing planes to choose between the Boeing 707, the 737, two versions of the Boeing 747 and the 777. The Jet Jumbo, a nickname of the Boeing 747, is the most recognizable airplane in the world.

The Boeing 747 was the first large body airplane built twice and a half higher than the 707. The 747 kept record passenger capacity for a long time because it uses a double-deck configuration for a part of the its length It has a cruise speed of Mach 0.85, which is 570 miles per hour. When you prepare for takeoff with the Boeing 747 flight simulator, you will be amazed by what simulates the real one.

You will notice many functions with 747 aircraft, including a precise view of the instrument panel and the cockpit. Another way to emphasize realism is how the Boeing 747 flight simulator manages, as opposed to the smallest airplane simulation. There is a big difference with the takeoff and landing controls, but you will even notice when you are in the air.

If you want a hunting plane or a small plane, the reaction time with the controls would be instantaneous. However, when you are flying Jet Jumbo, the reaction time is much slower, so you have to think ahead and predict turns and altitude changes. In fact, it is operated by a yoke, so you will want to spend a little more to buy this peripheral to make the Boeing 747 flight simulator more realistic. In this way, you can get the feeling of delayed reaction time on the track or the air

Another difference between the 747 Jumbo Jet and Air Bus, the European commercial driver, is that Air Bus uses fly-by-wire technology in which the pilot introduces information and the computer makes the final decision. The pilot of the Boeing 747 Flight Simulator has the latest opinion with the control of the aircraft. It's a good thing that you can practically choke and go on foot!

There are numerous options with flight simulation software. The time of day or the year and the weather are just some of the options you can do. Even so, it is the opportunity to fly anywhere in the world with a precise landscape to the city's lights and historical sites.

You can choose to fly with cargo or passengers or empty. You can take off from Paris and land in the city of New York, fly over the Eiffel tower and then the statue of freedom. Watch the world from the sight of a cheap bird through the Boeing 747 Flight Simulator aircraft.

So if you are looking for an exciting game of airplanes that you can enjoy at home, you need to do a research to get the right software that can provide you with a unique experience when it comes to flying. By doing this, you will be sure that you will get your money together with hours of fun and adventure.


Favorite hobbies: model aircraft


Building model aircraft or flying radio control aircraft is a popular hobby. It is an educational thing and can give you a sense of intelligence and accomplishment. There are also people who are just plane-lovers and they like to collect artisan mahogany planes, which are a bit more expensive, but it's worth those who are really interested in model aircraft. Mahogany is a good type of wood from which aircraft are designed. Many types of nice furniture are designed with mahogany. According to the dictionary Webster & # 39; s, mahogany is the wood of any of the tropical trees mainly (the Meliaceae family, the mahogany family). finish work "In any case, mahogany is a good type of wood to build furniture or model aircraft.

Model mahogany planes are handmade. Each plane is individually carved in mahogany wood. The models are nice to show. You can store them on your desk in your office, in your bedroom or in your living room. They are excellent for decoration. Everyone who loves airplanes or aircraft models will love mahogany model aircraft. Mahogany planes can also be used for children's toys, even if they are expensive toys. They could be a nice decoration for your room or for your girl, although they like model airplanes. Mahogany model aircraft are a luxury brand of model aircraft designs.

Mahogany planes can reach many sizes. I have seen many people with a miniature in their offices. A model miniature mahogany plane can be added to the personality of an office. You can add a sense of excitement to the office or work space, instead of just circling work-related material. You can have that small plane sitting there, remembering better things. You can keep your morale and get excited.

At Variety Access, an online leisure store, you can find a variety of mahogany model aircraft. Variety Access sells airplanes manufactured by Aircraft Models Corp. Aircraft Models Corp makes all the artisan designs and paints for all your aircraft. In Variety Access, you can find hundreds of model airplane selections in categories such as World War I aircraft, WWII model aircraft, civil aircraft throughout the 20th century and current civil aircraft, commercial aircraft and World record airplanes. They also have miniature mahogany planes that accentuate a home or office. You can even hang them in the car. There are aircraft models and sizes to satisfy any interest or personality.

The Mahogany model aircraft collection, specially high quality, handmade, can be a fun, interesting and constructive hobby of any person. Whether you are interested in just craft wooden objects, general airplanes or history, model aircraft can be the hobby for you. Model airplanes can show the history of our world with planes of all eras of the twentieth century; airplanes that fought in all wars; Aircraft in which someone you know flown or flown. He is the greatest of civilian airplanes; the large commercial Boeing commercial aircraft. I would also be interested in compiling aircraft models from world records, from the first flight, to the first flight through the Atlantic, to the fastest flight and finally, the space shuttle flights to the space.


Create your flight with the most realistic simulator


To "build the flight" we mean the simulation of flights. It's about recreating the environment and the air plane that you can experience when flying into real life. If you want to build your flight, the simulators must take into account how the air craft flies, the environment of the air craft that influences flying, and how the aircraft responds to its controls and systems They are built inside the aircraft. Herself.

There are several reasons why people want to build the flight; That is, why people want to use the flight simulation. First of all, the flight simulation is very frequent in the air forces. Those who are training are introduced to flight simulation to learn how to fly a plane. Even pilots in training are taught how to fly passenger aircraft through simulations. The simulation is also used so that the engineers can understand, in a better way, the operation of the airplanes. Flight simulation is also very common in aircraft construction and to see how they work on the different systems and controls that are built there.

To create the flight, you need to have hardware, equipment, sometimes even software to do it. All these instruments must be as accurate as possible to offer you all the experience and understanding of flying a plane in real life. There are several ways to build flights. There are many flight simulators available to be installed on your PC or laptop. They are simulations of the systems within an airplane and they teach you the basics of the flight. Sometimes there are built cockpit such as the ones you'll find on the planes so that you are familiar with the environment. There are cockpits with extensive controls such as a real plane, with real systems and controls. These detailed simulations also give you an idea of ​​what the outside environment is like when you are flying in real life. In addition to different movements and response to the replication booth controls, this type of flight simulation is very common for pilots in training.

If you really love to fly and want to have experience for yourself, you can create your own flight. All you have to do is build your own cabin. You may think that this requires too much time, complicated and costly, but it is not. There are many products available that you can connect to your replication unit to help you. In addition, there are guides available on how to create the flight simulator and even links that show you where to get supplies too.

So if you are someone who likes to fly and you are interested in winning the experience, although it is not possible to fly a plane in real life, you can always build the flight. Search for software programs or even create your flight with a personalized booth and enjoy the experience.


Flying aircraft in South Carolina


South Carolina is an ideal place to rent an airplane and fly. If you are from SC or just go to visit, pilot or aspiring pilot, Carolina del Sud will offer you some fantastic flying adventures. The state offers a variety, from mountains to beaches, all at about two hours from each other while Cessna flies.

If you are thinking of becoming a pilot, the state has several flight schools. Most are found in large cities, but some are spread over smaller populations. There are even official Cessna and Cirrus flight schools in the state. If you are already a pilot, most schools will rent scheduled airplanes for qualified pilots. There are also several places that have rental aircraft. For a complete list of flight schools and rental aircraft, check the following listings to find one nearby.

Once you have an airplane, the ideal place to go is the coast. Go over the water and go down so you can see everything. Not only are all seasons and attractions in the water, but there are countless uninhabited areas and vacant seawalls that are inaccessible to the automobile. There are also numerous airports along the coast, many of which have crew vehicles for the first time. This makes it a great trip of small days that can easily be extended to a weekend getaway.

Historic cities such as Charleston are also on the coast and are beautiful from the air although they were built to be seen from the sea. Flying over the harbor offers magnificent views of the battery and Fort Sumter, as well as the islands. Do not have a wild idea about trying to land in the old aircraft carrier! Yes, in the port there is an old aircraft carrier that was converted into a floating museum. The airport of the island of James Island has an incredibly beautiful FBO that adapts primarily to planes, but it also deals with the smallest ones. They also offer crew cars for the first time, if you want to drive to the city center for lunch or to stroll.

At the other end of the state you can find a beautiful mountain flying in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The center of Greenville and the center of Spartanburg are two general aviation airports of good size, at a wonderful mountain pass. Once you are in the mountains there are some large airports to stop. If you fit in, there is a little exit to Brevard, North Carolina, or there is always the main Asheville airport on the highway. This area is full of beautiful places to see, many of which are free, such as hiking and countless waterfalls that give the landscape.

South Carolina also has its share of fantastic places to eat close to or close to the airports. The center of Spartanburg is just minutes away from the world-famous Beacon Drive-In that is on the food and other network. Charleston also offers a lot of great restaurants that have also called attention to the national media. One of them, the fuel, was built in an old petrol station and also managed to serve up to a prominent place in Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, also in the Food Network.

As you can see, South Carolina is a great place to fly. The reduced size of the State means that you can make it go to any place for a nice day trip or maybe even a weekend getaway. If you ask yourself if you want to fly to the SC, call one of the flight schools and take an introductory lesson. You'll be glad you did it.


You have explained flights a la carte


The chartered flights were generally used formerly to transport the holidaymakers to the destination, usually when they have booked a vacation package that includes flights, accommodation and the like. However, the laws regarding the flights I flew have changed. If you want to make use of an airline carrier for your travels, you do not have to book through a travel agency that will try to sell you the entire holiday package.

These businessmen often use air charts. By means of this type of air transport, you can enjoy your flight a lot more, since you do not have to worry about who you are going to locate or that you have to stop in the queues to get started in the plane.

If you want to use charter flights, there are several things you should look at. First, at this time and today, making use of the Internet has increased a lot because it makes life easier for us. Make sure you are looking for a company that allows you to do all the searches online.

Some companies will allow you to search and plan your trips online depending on the price, or even according to the calendar. If you do not have a specific need to fly at specific times, you should check that the prices are cheaper. Make sure the network company has an online customer service that offers help 24 hours, 7 days a week, when it comes to any of the queries you have.

One of the most important aspects to consider is, without a doubt, security. Make sure that the company you work has selected operators among the carriers of the air charter certified by part 135 of the FAA. If they have more standards than the usual requirements of the FAA, it is even better because then you can have absolute peace of mind.

It is also important to choose between a large variety of aircraft when you travel. It is highly recommended that you can see images of the aircraft in which you will fly and that you have all the specifications offered by the aircraft. It is always an added advantage to choose between different airplanes of different sizes. It does not make sense to have to use an airplane that transports 12 people when you only need an airplane that takes 6 people. This would obviously increase the cost per person.

Making use of a company that owns a full or fractionated property of a jet or flight card programs can be more expensive than using companies that do not own their own aircraft. The reason is that they can use the cheapest available flights for what you use.

Once you have found a company that offers charter flights that encompass all the above requirements, you should be more than happy to use it, either for private purpose trips.


Software, download or physical support of flight simulators?


The key reason for the success of unloading the aircraft simulation software has only been the speed increases that have been enjoyed by most home users. Gaming software applications are often huge programs, mainly due to the volume of graphics and audio files they have to contain.

The fact of witnessing how games have progressed from CD to DVD (single-sided dual-sided) and now Blu-ray shows how the software is becoming inflated. The size of simulators such as Microsoft Flight Flight Simulator 2004, which was presented on 4 CDs, made it an unthinkable download option, like 7 years ago, most of the users were in sub Internet connections 2Mb. With the usual 10 and 20Mb connections, this problem has been overcome.

Why would you want to download a unique flight simulator?

Become a Simulator:

The purchase of physical media is simple enough, go to a store and buy it at a slightly inflated price as the retailer must cover the costs of his store. Depending on the location of the store, this may take 10 minutes or a few hours for the software to get quite quickly. This depends, of course, on whether the retailer has the simulator that you want, so the choice could be limited. Experienced users will place an order from an online retailer and save some money and get the product they wanted, but unfortunately, it will be necessary to wait a few days or a couple of weeks for delivery.

Just download flight simulators that are not exhausted, they are instantly available and do not require you to leave your home or workplace to acquire them.


Cost is a huge factor in the success of a video game. As good as having developed a flight simulator, if the price is too high, people will not buy,

A great advantage of the download is that the costs for the end user can be reduced as a result of the reduction of costs for the developers, in particular of materials, manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution. The costs of the server space and the digital distribution of a download package are not significant compared to the physical media version.

Some would argue that he prefers to have a disc in contrast to a file on the hard disk, a manual as opposed to a PDF brochure, but a significant number of others would prefer to save between 25 and 50% the purchase price.

Storage and damages

Another problem that comes with physical media is storage, one, ten, twenty titles and the storage is fine, but as soon as you start to get more, storage for a large number of people can become a problem . The purchase of a flight simulator online completely abolishes this problem as hard drives remain the same physically, regardless of the storage capacity.

Physical supports are also prone to damage due to daily wear and tear, if the support on which the simulator arrived is damaged, chances are it would be a headache to obtain a replacement if indeed it is possible. The reluctance of the sellers to allow a backup of the software disk is also a problem in this regard. On the contrary, an online simulator will allow you to store the file in several places (always a good backup strategy) and in most cases it will allow you to download the software again if necessary.

Content and expansion

A huge disadvantage of physical media is keeping current, the version of the material you have on the disk is the version from which you have to start the installation. Games by nature are continuously updated for error solutions and the global content of the aircraft simulator is updated and added continuously. When you reinstall or update a download simulator, you just have to install the latest version. Physical support usually requires the download to be pasted the original material, so it defeats the goal of having the physical support in the first place.

A single download product is geared to constant change and update through online media and the experience of distributors is in this field. Therefore, it can be changed to a new version of the software and can be delivered without a waste product by the developer. However, physical simulators when they reach the end of their life cycle have many available media units, therefore, the sale of obsolete versions of the bargain at bargain prices to try to recover some costs.

So, do you download or support? You decide


Dog Air Travel – Tips for traveling by plane with your beloved dog


Luckily for dog owners, these animals travel by air better than cats. If the dog is used to traveling by car, the air travel should not be a problem. Use the following tips on dog air travel for a safe and pleasant plane trip with your best furry friend.

Certify the health of your dogs before the air trip

Not only is air travel better for the dog if the dog is healthy, it is the law. The federal law requires that a dog has been certified within ten days of the trip to be healthy, vaccinated and free from contagious diseases. This is very important for any company, big or small trip.

Avoid excessive temperatures

Guarantee your dog's safety during air travel without ever flying with the dog while the temperatures exceed 85 degrees or 35 degrees, at any end of the flight. Many airlines put "heat embargoes" and / or "cold seals" on the dog's air trips during the summer and winter months respectively. This means that airline companies prohibit air travel from the dog during these times. This should not be a problem, because airlines make it to prevent illnesses or deaths and guarantee a safe flight for your dog.

Air travel with foreign dogs may involve forty

For air travel with international dogs, keep in mind that some isolated countries, such as New Zealand and England, reach air with quarantine animals. Before traveling and making reservations, familiarize yourself with the laws, requirements and procedures of your particular destination. Unless the flight is not stopped, remember that you may have to deal with regulations in several places.

Do not reassure your dog during air travel

Although reassurance may seem a good idea during the canine air trip, it is not. Tranquilizers are the leading cause of death or illness of dogs during air travel. A dog can not receive immediate or professional medical attention during the air trip, so that unnecessary medications cause more harm than good. In fact, many airlines reject quiet pets as security precautions.

Obedience during the airborne trip with dogs

Training your dog before traveling by air is the best way to ensure a good flight. Unfortunately, even short-haul air travel involves hours of separation between homeowners and their dogs (except service dogs). Your medium-sized dog will be confined to a shipping box for the entire flight.

You can help set aside the tension and discomfort of your dog by preparing it for the dog's air trip. Do this by making your dog become accustomed to being in a travel box for extended periods of time. Also, make sure your dog works well with strangers, that is, in busy, frenetic or uncomfortable environments. This will do wonders to travel with his great companion of hair.


The flight with the mule and the paper played at 9-11


Flying with any substance seems to be a complicated thing these days, letting us know if we will be able to get on the plane or even just get it through the screening process . The thought of trying to snatch a forbidden article through airport security is enough to cause awkward thoughts to spend hours alone in a private screening room with a TSA glove agent in sight.

For those who take their own defense seriously, perhaps with the help of safety sprays, traveling can cause some consternation. After all, if we do not know how to carry a gun on the plane, how should we protect ourselves in a strange new city?

You are assured of carrying many items related to self defense and personal protection on board an airplane, as long as you follow some rules. However, be sure to ask your airline about your requirements before presenting you to the airport with your safety spray and mason.

Carry a muzzle on an airplane:

The magic or any other type of tear gas with aerosol is not allowed in the passenger compartment of any aircraft. Apart from the potential of the mace to commit a crime during the flight, it is circulated again and the air of the passenger compartment is pressed. This means that a Mace safety spray bottle explodes and the entire airplane is full.

If you want to carry your mace or safety spray with you when you travel, declare the item and bring it to your checked baggage. Each passenger is allowed to have a bottle of tear gas up to four units of size. The container must include a safety mechanism that prevents the product from unfolding accidentally during the flight. Airline crews do not want to risk the air pollution of an explosive container or accidental deployment. Nor does it want your flight crew to work with a full face of Mace.

Mace and the terrorist attacks of 11-S:

When American Airlines flight 11 departed from Boston on 11/11/2001, there were nine flight attendants on board, as well as the crew of the cabin, seventy five passengers and five terrorists.

Since Boeing 767 received its latest instructions to climb a 35,000-foot cruise altitude, it disappeared from any radio contact. The next time somebody heard of the plane, kidnapper Muhammad Atta transmitted the message: "We have some airplanes, it is only silent and it will be good. We return to the airport." Atta relayed two more messages with similar content, which he thought was talking to the passengers, but he had pressed the wrong button and that he relayed the message to the Boston Control Center. Shortly after, the plane landed in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Two of the kidnappers, including Atta, were seated in the second row of first class. Shortly after the takeoff, Atta and his kidnapping colleagues stabbed the two first-class flight attendants, and later deployed Mace to the aircraft to force other passengers and flight crew on the back of the aircraft. plane The use of the mace as part of its attack allowed the hijackers to gain control of the aircraft very quickly and with little resistance.

Since the September 11, 2001 attacks, flight regulations have become much stricter in terms of airline billing and is not allowed on board. Given the volatile nature of Mace and its painful effects, it is understandable why this ray of security can no longer be brought within the limits of the passenger compartment of commercial aircraft.


Getting ready for a foreigner flight? Air Travel Tips Part Six


Getting on an airplane to go to any place seems increasingly complex. The new safety procedures and considerations trigger an endless defeat of regulations and regulations. This article, the end of a series of six, can help you through the maze. Be sure to pick up the whole series.

  • Do you have trouble sleeping on an airplane? Are you a nervous passenger? Dip some teaspoons of chamomile in your transport! Once the plane is in the air, ask for a little hot water for the flight attendant and place a soothing cup of chamomile tea. It can help you sleep relaxed.
  • If you have connection flights, make sure your luggage is tagged at the final destination. In this way, you will save yourself the trouble of picking up your luggage, getting safety and taking the connecting flight.
  • Instead of paying the rate given by the headphones, be sure to pack your luggage.
  • Avoid this lethargic sensation: take a quick stroll or exercise at the gym before heading to the airport. You will arrive being renewed and prepared to confront the agglomerations that arrive at your destination.
  • Get acquainted with all the airport terminals that will take you during your trip. You can use the Internet to locate airport maps. Study them a bit and make impressions as you travel. If you anticipate a period of time between the connection flights, study the map carefully before disembarking so that you know exactly where you should go to take the next plane.
  • Airport restaurant food is far superior to that served on the plane. Join the terminal before boarding and during delays between connecting flights.
  • Keep in mind where the emergency doors are located. Count the number of seats to the nearest exit so that you can find the exit to a smoke-filled cabin. Read the information on board security procedures. Then relax! The possibilities of serious problems are very limited.
  • Try to get advance seat allocation when you book your tickets. This will reduce the likelihood of suffering.
  • If possible, check if you can pack everything you need in a transport. You will save time and discomfort, as you can avoid the system of checked luggage (and the possibility of losing luggage).
  • If you take nausea medications, do it every minute you place yourself in the seat. The drug needs time to enter your system before it can be of any benefit. Waiting until you start to vomit is too late.
  • The most dangerous parts of any flight are the take-off and the landing. Try to reserve non-stop flights when possible. Save time and increase security. Remember, however, that compared to all other forms of travel, the air is statistically the safest way.
  • If you wear contact lenses, dry air in the cabin can irritate sensitive eyes. You may want to change glasses as you want. If you choose to keep in touch with your contacts, make sure they are scrupulously clean and keep them lubricated.
  • Do not bring the tickets with you while you are visiting and eating. They are important documents that must be treated with the same care that you give your passport. If you lose a ticket, inform immediately. It may take some time to replace it, and you need to pay a second ticket in advance (while waiting for a refund of several months).
  • To help very young children with pressure changes during the descent, encourage chewing gum or sucking with a mill (or thumb).

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