How to spend time quickly on an airplane


Air travel is one of the fastest, most efficient and safe ways of travel that man has developed. However, for most people, spending a few hours by plane is a boring and boring experience. Knowing how to quickly spend your time on an airplane will benefit you both physically and mentally. Long tedious and monotonous flight time, together with the endless corner of the engine and other audible environmental noise, can make a person bored and exhausted.
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Spending time quickly on an airplane is not as complicated as it seems. Knowing how to spend time will make your trip much more bearable. Most people just try to stay quiet and be calm, but to be honest; This only makes things more unbearable and time goes by even slower. It would also contradict our first advice on how to spend time quickly on an airplane, which is:
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1. Stop watching the clock. Watching the clock and counting time will only make you count more sheep and will exhaust you unnecessarily. If you check the time frequently, the time will only be slower on an airplane. As it is called “a watch never seen is moving”
2. Another small but excellent idea of ​​spending time quickly on an airplane is deep breathing, since most people with any type of medical knowledge would suggest. It is probably the most common health council in the hospital, in addition to “drinking a lot of water.” The superficial breathing and quickly deceives our body to think that the time moves more slowly. So take a deep breath and let time go quickly.
3. Aside from ignoring the slowness of time, a great technique to get the fastest time on an airplane is to converse with people sitting next to you. Making a good conversation not only makes time go faster, but also offers opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. It is a winning deal.
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4. Dream is probably more common sense than advice, but it’s worth mentioning. Sleep will not only help you spend a longer time on an airplane, but also will prepare you and rejuvenate your mind and body for the activities that you may want to reach your destination.

5. Can not you sleep? Well maybe a bit of calming music can help you sleep and make time to fly quickly to the plane. Music has shown to make the boring and exhausting flights much more bearable. It is no secret that music can affect our mood. Therefore, it is likely to be wise when you try to spend the fastest time while you have an airplane to play a musical genre that has this effect relaxing on you.

6. Nowadays, everything we need may be in your pocket. If you have your portable game team, you can spend time playing and enjoying this free time. This is also a great option for those restless children. These games can do wonders in children, keeping them concentrated and, most importantly, quiet and busy.

7. Laptops, such as laptops, also allow you to spend time during a long flight. Most modern airplanes even have power supplies for recharging and wireless Internet connection and we all know what the Internet means. Internet is the best cure for boredom and, without a doubt, will make the flight much more bearable.

8. The movies in flight are also available on most airplanes; If you are lucky, you can find the projection film to your liking, which will probably make the flight stay at least 2 hours. Nowadays, many airplanes allow you to choose between a selection of films that can be played on your personal screen, located on the back of the front. Like watching a movie at home, flying movies will surely help you to spend your time more quickly during a long plane.

9. In a long and calm flight, there is nothing more entertaining than reading a good book. Now, it does not even have to be a physical book; You can read e-books on your phone or other device by hand. Some people enjoy reading newspapers, magazines or comics to spend time on an airplane. There’s really no better way to spend time on an airplane than reading a great book!