The helicopters of Las Vegas fly to the Grand Canyon easily and quickly


Why are the helicopters of Las Vegas the preferred way to visit the Grand Canyon? Simple Speed, comfort and price.


Many people do not know that Las Vegas is 120 kilometers from the West Rim and only takes a 45-minute helicopter to reach it. The South Rim is a different story. It is 400 km from The Strip and requires a 45-minute flight of flight at the Grand Canyon Airport, with which you will have to move to your helicopter.
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West Rim

West Rim (also known as the Grand Canyon West) is popular among visitors to Las Vegas for three reasons: 1) It’s a half day excursion; 2) you can fly to the bottom; and 3) you can experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk. West Rim trips include pick-up and departure at your Las Vegas hotel, as well as a light snack, Champaign toast or lunch. The best time to go out is in the morning to get back to Las Vegas in the afternoon.
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Grand Canyon West is the only place where you can fly to the bottom of the Canyon and you can update this package to include a rafting trip on the Colorado River. The other main attraction is the Skywalk. Known as the “Glass Bridge”, this horseshoe structure extends 70 feet beyond the edge, rising 4,000 feet from the river.
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South Rim

The trip to South Rim, which includes picking up and leaving the hotel, is worth making an extra effort because it is the home of the park’s most famous views. The flight from Las Vegas lands at the Grand Canyon airport, where we will transfer you to your helicopter. Here there is no route of background landing helium. Instead of that, you’ll get fantastic aerial views of Hermit’s Rest, Mather Point, Dragon Runway, the northern edge and much more. The updates include an airplane flight to the Glen Canyon Dam for a day of an incredible rafting.

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Las Vegas helicopter operators fly EcoStar planes. These helis are built from scratch to make tourism. The size of the cabin is 25% larger than the usual helicopter. The temperatures of the Grand Canyon may be extreme, but they do not coincide with the EcoStar climate control system.
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The seats in the stadium, a configuration where the seats are staggered and faced, is standard. These aircraft incorporate Fenestron tail rotor, which reduces noise by 50%.
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For South Rim travelers, fixed wing aircraft handle the airplane segment of your trip. Papillon, for example, flies Vistaliner, a personalized aircraft with large windows and plush seats. Like the helicopters, the Vistaliner is calm, controlled by the weather and rationalized for a gentle trip.
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The most important United States helicopter companies operate in Las Vegas, including Papillon, Maverick and Sundance. This means that there are plenty of tours for the Grand Canyon West and South Rim to choose from. The market is also competitive, and is obliged to find good deals. Since it is the largest operator, Papillon Helicopters offers the best prices and promotions.
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Your best trip to West Rim is the Grand Celebration and your South Rim one is the Grand Canyon Deluxe with a helicopter. Maverick and Sundance have positioned themselves as high-end visit providers and their prices are higher than those of Papillon.
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Having said that, Maverick offers more personalized trips and wedding packages. The route prices for Grand Canyon West and South Rim are similar and range between 250 and 425 dollars per person.
Updates, such as rafting, horse riding and horse riding, increase the price per person and are booked in advance, since the addition of these updates during the tour will be sold at a premium. For low prices on these routes, book online.

The helicopters in Las Vegas are a fast and satisfying way to visit the Grand Canyon. Flights last 45 minutes in heli to Grand Canyon West; South Rim requires a 45-minute flight of flights before transferring to your helicopter. Hope to spend half a day on these trips.
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The aircraft that uses these routes offer a lot of comfort: helicopters have climatic control and have style seats and surrounding windows. The plane from the Las Vegas area to the Grand Canyon on the South River trip is equally equipped.
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Airline prices for West Rim and South Rim are similar, but Papillon Helicopter trips are the cheapest, especially if they are sold on the company’s website. The only thing to keep in mind when it comes to taking a helicopter tour of Las Vegas is the sight and activities. Decide this and be on the path to an incredible adventure.