Recovery of the legs when they are narrow and rigid after a long flight of air


Have you been in a long flight?

Many travelers have and, when they reached their destination, they are likely to have pain, rigid and the ankles become inflexible and the feet are almost unattached to the shoes; This is a problem because if you are visiting somewhere and have a limited time. The last thing you need to do is to walk rigidly with shoes that are not adapted due to swollen feet.

Suitable shoes can badly rub the feet causing blisters that, if left untreated, can cause infection and can be cured for a long time, as it reduces the supply of fresh blood to the place of the bottles.

Why swallow legs and ankles on long flights?

The basics of inflamed ankles

The veins are blood vessels that carry the blood used to the heart; They have unidirectional valves so that the blood can not retreat in the way it arrived.

Swollen ankles

When exhausted blood is used it reaches the ankles and stays alone; The lymphatic fluid begins to separate from the blood used in tissue spaces; Since it can not be pumped to the legs towards the body, the ankles inflate.

The severity and weight of the blood in the body

The water is subjected to pressure: the deeper, the more pressure there is at the bottom; For example, on the surface of the water, the swimmer does not feel anything, but the deeper he goes, the more he affects his body as the pressure increases.

Blood to the body is similar; In somebody standing, the pressure on the head is almost nonexistent, but in the lower part of the body the feet, the pressure is higher due to the weight of the blood in the veins, but also because the fresh air is being pumped there under pressure from the heart.

The calf muscle pump

To get used to the blood in the body, there is a system called muscular pump formed by the muscles of the legs, the main motors for the pump are the muscles of calves.

The calf muscle pump forces the blood exhausted with gravity to the body until it is re-nourished with oxygen to recycle it and send it back to several parts of the body at through the arteries.

Beef muscles provide energy to this pump, but they only work if they are used

To maintain the balance in the circulation of the legs, the same volume of blood should leave the legs that enter them, if the calf muscles do not work, the pump becomes ineffective and nothing moves.

Among the problems caused by the ineffectiveness of the calf muscular pump are:

Poor circulation

Inactivity of the lymphatic system

Reduced venous return

The first aid is necessary for the muscles of the legs

The faster your legs get help, the faster they recover, but it is important that they have it as soon as possible before pain and stiffness limit what you can do with them.

There are ways to give first aid in the legs. The recovery takes different forms

Passive and active

Passive retrieval of legs

This means letting the legs have their own path and fix them on the back with their legs taller than the body to help drain the fluid into the body, can help relieve them by reversing the effects of gravity.

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Because it takes time to wait for this to happen, this can mean valuable travel time, which can also be returned to the hotel / villa / hostel / store and spend the next days without a tourist visit (maybe it would also be stayed at home).

Or you can convert the accommodation into a Mini Recovery Center and make the calf muscle pump work again.