RC Electric Helicopter – MAWA010B2 – First Flight Review


I decided to buy my MAWA010B2 in red for myself. We sold this low cost helicopter and wanted to see how they really want. So I thought I would have one and then I could make a flight review for my clients.

I received the MAW010B2 (for those who do not know that MAW means Model Airplane Workroom) and was ready to fly. It had remote control, AC adapter, rechargeable battery (Li-Po) and a proper instruction manual on how to fly this RC. I opened the box and removed everything. After firing it, I asked if the leaves were broken and I tried to straighten them out, and then I wanted to tighten them because they seemed to be loose. This is fine, they are loose and can fold, when you fly with this RC helicopter, you do not have to tighten these leaves and you will not have to tighten them, they will be tightened immediately when you slowly press the acceleration forward. Like other startup helicopters in China, the instructions are a bit difficult to understand in parts, they have not written someone who speaks English as a first language, but you can find them. I did not understand how long I will load the helicopter the first time. After the first time, you should load the helicopter for two hours to get a good time.

Once I read it all and I loaded the battery until it felt hot enough, that for about 2 hours, I disconnected the charger and connected the battery to the helicopter engine. This RC helicopter is nice because you only throw away the front plastic piece by undoing the two main hooks and charging the battery while you are still in the helicopter, and when it is finished, it takes ten seconds to hook the battery to the helicopter and pull out down the plastic piece to look at. The controller needs 8 AA batteries to operate. Once I had them, it was time to try it.

Make sure that you have the antenna all elongated, since this type of helicopter is only about 30 feet wide. Do not let this helicopter out of the range, if it goes down too much, just put it below it and slowly lower the accelerator, never less than halfway, and if the helicopter starts to lower, press the accelerator up . the helicopter comes out to level. I learned the hard way that if you let it start to fall too fast, hitting everything together will not stop this copter enough, and the first thing that can be broken will be the skates. Nothing that a small superglue, electricians and patience can not fix, but what a pain. So, stay there and do not let it go too fast. The lower rails can be undone and replaced, I have not discovered how additional pieces can be ordered for this particular model, so if someone knows you, I would like to know.

Here's another tip. The first time I flew this RC helicopter, it was out, and somewhat windy, I did not really notice the wind, but my helicopter did. The first time you fly this RC, I would recommend that the interior of a gym, or just a very open parking lot or a field in the grass could be better. The first thing I did was slowly propel the accelerator, cause the propellers to move, and, as the instructions say, I pushed it further to remove the helicopter on the ground so that it did not leak and break something. But once in the air, make sure you pull off the accelerator machine so that it does not exit high. My suggestion is to take the time of the first three or four flights and keep it as 6 to 8 feet of ground and practice it to turn and fly in certain directions. Be patient, that's why I rejected my own, I was not patient and wanted to "See what I could do," which was obviously a mistake.

When you turn on the control the first time. Turn on the helicopter first and turn on the red light, which is a bit cool at night, the front of the computer is illuminated, which in the red helicopter looked good. But when this is started, turn the remote control with the switch. The red light will blink and will turn off again. Take advantage of the accelerator slowly once again, you will notice that the helicopter will not be lit. At the top, full of acceleration (the trigger on the left), the light will blink very quickly, then lower the accelerator to the bottom, and the light will remain throughout the path, and then blink slower after a minute. . Now you're calibrated and ready to fly.

Directly to the right of the left shutter there is a slider, the slider up, the more acceleration you will get in all the positions, I put my 2/3 ascent. If your helicopter is too hard for you to climb (no more than 20 to 30 feet), then return it. If it is too easy to climb, download it. If you can not get up easily, also keep in mind that you may need to download batteries and need recharging. The right trigger is to turn the helicopter clockwise or to the left with the use of the rear propeller. It can also be increased to provide a push forward, not so much, but a bit of movement. It can also be calibrated with all sliding switches. I'm not yet a professional, so you'll have to play with it, but while you are, they suggest low heights.

This helicopter can take a 5 or 6-foot drop in disorder, simply turn off the accelerator all the way, so that the leaves do not catch on the ground if it is inverted, I can imagine that something would break, but I have not had this problem yet.

In the bottom line, the MAW010B2 is a great helicopter for beginners 12 and older for a steering wheel, although I suggest that under-16s have an adult and the learning curve should be slow. The battery, fully charged, will last between 10 and 15 minutes of solid flight. It could load a little faster, but when it's ready, forget about the unpleasant wait. It is one of the most beautiful startup models. It looks modern. I have already had several compliments. With proper care and a great flight capacity, I am sure that this particular RC electric helicopter will make you enjoy over time. To extend it, you must always charge the battery immediately after the flight is exhausted and then give it 5 minutes before returning to take the flight to allow the engine to cool. This will help prevent the "combustion" of the engine. Never leave the battery totally unloaded for a long period of time. Storing a downloaded Li-Po battery could cause it to not be charged and you should have to replace the battery sooner rather than later. The batteries are not cheap. And always, always fly in an area completely free of obstacles to reduce the possibility of damage when it crashes. If you are patient and do not want out of your control, it will give you some time. It will give you a lot of profit for your value.

To see a photo or buy the MAW010B2, take a look at our site. Also, do not hesitate to see all the other RC electric helicopters.