Software, download or physical support of flight simulators?


The key reason for the success of unloading the aircraft simulation software has only been the speed increases that have been enjoyed by most home users. Gaming software applications are often huge programs, mainly due to the volume of graphics and audio files they have to contain.

The fact of witnessing how games have progressed from CD to DVD (single-sided dual-sided) and now Blu-ray shows how the software is becoming inflated. The size of simulators such as Microsoft Flight Flight Simulator 2004, which was presented on 4 CDs, made it an unthinkable download option, like 7 years ago, most of the users were in sub Internet connections 2Mb. With the usual 10 and 20Mb connections, this problem has been overcome.

Why would you want to download a unique flight simulator?

Become a Simulator:

The purchase of physical media is simple enough, go to a store and buy it at a slightly inflated price as the retailer must cover the costs of his store. Depending on the location of the store, this may take 10 minutes or a few hours for the software to get quite quickly. This depends, of course, on whether the retailer has the simulator that you want, so the choice could be limited. Experienced users will place an order from an online retailer and save some money and get the product they wanted, but unfortunately, it will be necessary to wait a few days or a couple of weeks for delivery.

Just download flight simulators that are not exhausted, they are instantly available and do not require you to leave your home or workplace to acquire them.


Cost is a huge factor in the success of a video game. As good as having developed a flight simulator, if the price is too high, people will not buy,

A great advantage of the download is that the costs for the end user can be reduced as a result of the reduction of costs for the developers, in particular of materials, manufacture, packaging, storage and distribution. The costs of the server space and the digital distribution of a download package are not significant compared to the physical media version.

Some would argue that he prefers to have a disc in contrast to a file on the hard disk, a manual as opposed to a PDF brochure, but a significant number of others would prefer to save between 25 and 50% the purchase price.

Storage and damages

Another problem that comes with physical media is storage, one, ten, twenty titles and the storage is fine, but as soon as you start to get more, storage for a large number of people can become a problem . The purchase of a flight simulator online completely abolishes this problem as hard drives remain the same physically, regardless of the storage capacity.

Physical supports are also prone to damage due to daily wear and tear, if the support on which the simulator arrived is damaged, chances are it would be a headache to obtain a replacement if indeed it is possible. The reluctance of the sellers to allow a backup of the software disk is also a problem in this regard. On the contrary, an online simulator will allow you to store the file in several places (always a good backup strategy) and in most cases it will allow you to download the software again if necessary.

Content and expansion

A huge disadvantage of physical media is keeping current, the version of the material you have on the disk is the version from which you have to start the installation. Games by nature are continuously updated for error solutions and the global content of the aircraft simulator is updated and added continuously. When you reinstall or update a download simulator, you just have to install the latest version. Physical support usually requires the download to be pasted the original material, so it defeats the goal of having the physical support in the first place.

A single download product is geared to constant change and update through online media and the experience of distributors is in this field. Therefore, it can be changed to a new version of the software and can be delivered without a waste product by the developer. However, physical simulators when they reach the end of their life cycle have many available media units, therefore, the sale of obsolete versions of the bargain at bargain prices to try to recover some costs.

So, do you download or support? You decide