Flying aircraft in South Carolina


South Carolina is an ideal place to rent an airplane and fly. If you are from SC or just go to visit, pilot or aspiring pilot, Carolina del Sud will offer you some fantastic flying adventures. The state offers a variety, from mountains to beaches, all at about two hours from each other while Cessna flies.

If you are thinking of becoming a pilot, the state has several flight schools. Most are found in large cities, but some are spread over smaller populations. There are even official Cessna and Cirrus flight schools in the state. If you are already a pilot, most schools will rent scheduled airplanes for qualified pilots. There are also several places that have rental aircraft. For a complete list of flight schools and rental aircraft, check the following listings to find one nearby.

Once you have an airplane, the ideal place to go is the coast. Go over the water and go down so you can see everything. Not only are all seasons and attractions in the water, but there are countless uninhabited areas and vacant seawalls that are inaccessible to the automobile. There are also numerous airports along the coast, many of which have crew vehicles for the first time. This makes it a great trip of small days that can easily be extended to a weekend getaway.

Historic cities such as Charleston are also on the coast and are beautiful from the air although they were built to be seen from the sea. Flying over the harbor offers magnificent views of the battery and Fort Sumter, as well as the islands. Do not have a wild idea about trying to land in the old aircraft carrier! Yes, in the port there is an old aircraft carrier that was converted into a floating museum. The airport of the island of James Island has an incredibly beautiful FBO that adapts primarily to planes, but it also deals with the smallest ones. They also offer crew cars for the first time, if you want to drive to the city center for lunch or to stroll.

At the other end of the state you can find a beautiful mountain flying in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The center of Greenville and the center of Spartanburg are two general aviation airports of good size, at a wonderful mountain pass. Once you are in the mountains there are some large airports to stop. If you fit in, there is a little exit to Brevard, North Carolina, or there is always the main Asheville airport on the highway. This area is full of beautiful places to see, many of which are free, such as hiking and countless waterfalls that give the landscape.

South Carolina also has its share of fantastic places to eat close to or close to the airports. The center of Spartanburg is just minutes away from the world-famous Beacon Drive-In that is on the food and other network. Charleston also offers a lot of great restaurants that have also called attention to the national media. One of them, the fuel, was built in an old petrol station and also managed to serve up to a prominent place in Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, also in the Food Network.

As you can see, South Carolina is a great place to fly. The reduced size of the State means that you can make it go to any place for a nice day trip or maybe even a weekend getaway. If you ask yourself if you want to fly to the SC, call one of the flight schools and take an introductory lesson. You'll be glad you did it.