Start up a jet-cleaning business


So, do you like planes and want to start an aircraft washing service? I can not blame you, as I did the same. After cleaning thousands of planes over the years, I paid my flight school, the first plane and then I started an aircraft laundering franchise as a modulus from another franchise company I had founded. Named the aircraft wash guys, they found out soon enough that they needed to meet aircraft owners, operators based on FBOs and pilots in chief. We have always specialized in washing and polishing airplanes. We have cleaned up thousands of private aircraft, corporate planes, flight clubs, flight schools and helicopters. The company My Wash Wash Guys was originally founded more than twenty years ago and began as a jet aircraft service.

As you know, aviation people are serious about flying and a clean plane makes the flight more fun and enjoyable. Business aviators need you to keep your image positive. When the aircraft rental company will not only bring out the aircraft exteriors, you must also have carpet cleaning. Many of our crew are also private pilots and pay for pilots as part of your team of workers. For more information on airplane laundering, I've put some additional ideas online to help you.

We have always kept the prices low and lowered by volume, you may want to do so or charge the price continuously. Our rates are at the lower end of the spectrum and this will give you a good starting point on prices.

Unique washing machines from $ 20.00 to $ 45.00, with a debugging of $ 60.00-140.00, weekly washing $ 20.00;

Twin machines 45.00-90.00 dollars of washing, with a debugging of 90.00-240.00 $, weekly washing 40.00 $; Corporate jets for washing from 90.00 to 140.00 dollars, with an amount of $ 180.00-4.00.00, weekly washing of $ 80.00;

Helicopters 30.00-100.00 dollars of washing, hits 45.00-180.00 USD, weekly washing $ 30.00. Shampooing, brilliant work and polished aluminum, we will generally offer customers' budgets for free.

You will have to perform these services during the client's timetable and usually accommodate, immediate services, day or night, afternoons and weekends. Customizing your services according to the client's requirements must become your specialty. You will also need the following things:

Two million in civil liability insurance

Quiet machines and professional equipment with uniform

Monthly invoice for "N" -Number

Onboard water recovery device, compatible with the EPA

Unit mounted on truck or trailer, completely independent, painted with yellow security

Having a small airline cleaning service company can be very rewarding and, although hard work, it can be an extension of your flight hobby. Do you only think that you have to pay to rent some of the last and largest airplanes and spend the entire airport all day long? And yes, they will even pay you very well to do this. Think about it.