Glenn Curtiss's Day at the Old Rhinebeck Airfield

[ad_1] Me As a series of undulating waves rolling on the west side of the Hudson River Valley, the Catskill Mountains, somehow losing momentum, yielded to the very low peaks of Shawagunk, Schunnemunk and Bear Mountain, down the Palisades, threshold to Manhattan. A century ago, on May 29, 1910, Glenn Hammond Curtiss, sailing through his […]

Boeing Aircraft Models: a brief look at the various models

[ad_1] Boeing, the American aerospace and defense conglomerate, has created a truly enviable line of aircraft models over the years. In addition, although commercial aircraft are best known, the company is capable of producing flying machines for non-commercial purposes such as defense and space exploration. In this article, let's take a look at some of […]

Travel guide

[ad_1] Who likes to take a vacation? Of course, this would include about 99 percent of the population. 1 percent would be more than likely to be efforts that simply do not like to work along with them on vacation. And, regardless of who you are, you probably like to get this travel agreement. Travel […]

The benefits of magnetic chess games

[ad_1] Magnetic chess games are a truly innovative idea. They use magnetic fields to ensure the pieces of chess on board during the game, ensuring that the pieces will not move. Magnetic chess games are perfect for travelers and anyone who wants to play on the fly. Since the parts and the board are magnetic, […]

Lessons learned: Flight disaster 401

[ad_1] It is commonly understood that the acronym CRM means managing relationships with customers. However, it has another meaning in the world of aviation, Crew resource management. The work of flying a commercial aircraft from one airport to another can be compared to a project; It has a start date (exit), an end date (arrival) […]

Tips for flying on an airplane while on mules

[ad_1] When you have to travel, there are a lot of obstacles that you can open. When you're muletes, everything is much more difficult. Arriving to a new destination on an airplane has patience as it is, but when you're on the muletes, it's almost impossible. Use these tips to help you cross the flight […]