Recovery of the legs when they are narrow and rigid after a long flight of air


Have you been in a long flight?

Many travelers have and, when they reached their destination, they are likely to have pain, rigid and the ankles become inflexible and the feet are almost unattached to the shoes; This is a problem because if you are visiting somewhere and have a limited time. The last thing you need to do is to walk rigidly with shoes that are not adapted due to swollen feet.

Suitable shoes can badly rub the feet causing blisters that, if left untreated, can cause infection and can be cured for a long time, as it reduces the supply of fresh blood to the place of the bottles.

Why swallow legs and ankles on long flights?

The basics of inflamed ankles

The veins are blood vessels that carry the blood used to the heart; They have unidirectional valves so that the blood can not retreat in the way it arrived.

Swollen ankles

When exhausted blood is used it reaches the ankles and stays alone; The lymphatic fluid begins to separate from the blood used in tissue spaces; Since it can not be pumped to the legs towards the body, the ankles inflate.

The severity and weight of the blood in the body

The water is subjected to pressure: the deeper, the more pressure there is at the bottom; For example, on the surface of the water, the swimmer does not feel anything, but the deeper he goes, the more he affects his body as the pressure increases.

Blood to the body is similar; In somebody standing, the pressure on the head is almost nonexistent, but in the lower part of the body the feet, the pressure is higher due to the weight of the blood in the veins, but also because the fresh air is being pumped there under pressure from the heart.

The calf muscle pump

To get used to the blood in the body, there is a system called muscular pump formed by the muscles of the legs, the main motors for the pump are the muscles of calves.

The calf muscle pump forces the blood exhausted with gravity to the body until it is re-nourished with oxygen to recycle it and send it back to several parts of the body at through the arteries.

Beef muscles provide energy to this pump, but they only work if they are used

To maintain the balance in the circulation of the legs, the same volume of blood should leave the legs that enter them, if the calf muscles do not work, the pump becomes ineffective and nothing moves.

Among the problems caused by the ineffectiveness of the calf muscular pump are:

Poor circulation

Inactivity of the lymphatic system

Reduced venous return

The first aid is necessary for the muscles of the legs

The faster your legs get help, the faster they recover, but it is important that they have it as soon as possible before pain and stiffness limit what you can do with them.

There are ways to give first aid in the legs. The recovery takes different forms

Passive and active

Passive retrieval of legs

This means letting the legs have their own path and fix them on the back with their legs taller than the body to help drain the fluid into the body, can help relieve them by reversing the effects of gravity.

(Something interesting on television, can you understand the language?)

Because it takes time to wait for this to happen, this can mean valuable travel time, which can also be returned to the hotel / villa / hostel / store and spend the next days without a tourist visit (maybe it would also be stayed at home).

Or you can convert the accommodation into a Mini Recovery Center and make the calf muscle pump work again.


What to do when airport luggage is missing


Recently, cases of abuse have been developed by airline companies against passengers. There are several protests about missing equipment, the flight over the reservation, the flight delay and its elimination. In fact, even after paying the maximum ticket, customers do not get the type of administration they deserve. Among the highlights, stand out the situation of the facilities that lack. Gears are guaranteed according to the Montréal tradition around the world. The Montreal Convention appeared in 1999. However, it was incorporated into the British legislation through "Carriage via Air Act" in 2002.

A few years ago, this tradition of passengers was only subject to travel protection cases and airlines did not leave any discipline about their waste when taking care of luggage. They were represented by the tradition of Warsaw.

The Montreal Convention is considered a changing point where airlines should begin to reflect on the interests of buyers, rather than revenues. The tradition of Montreal is a global tradition and its suitability consists of luggage luggage and a considerable amount of things identified with the safety of the flight and the demands of passengers, such as acts of fear of death and the disappearance of passengers . However, we will limit this issue to cases that are lacking in baggage. How about watching it.

The first part, Article 1 of the Montreal Convention characterizes the adequacy of the law. It is relevant for all carriages of people, things and load exercises performed through a plane. It is equally relevant to the flying machine that transmits passengers. Whatever the case, article 2 gives a special case to the postal administrations and excludes them from this law.

The Order offers compensation to passengers that the things in the process have been lost, granted or modified, to the point that it was under the control of the carrier.

The most notable that can be guaranteed for losses, delays or alterations is about 1,000 pounds per browser based on the cash conversion scale.

There are three terms that we have to understand about this gear with delay of definition, lost luggage or damaged equipment. Maybe you think, what is the contrast between them and how is the carrier grouped in this premise? We should observe it in detail.

Delayed baggage

Section III, article 19 of the Law, has eliminated the duty of delayed luggage. It argues, unquestionably, that carriers would have the duty once, things have been registered or when they have ownership. Article 22 characterizes delayed gear. At the time the baggage disappears, an airplane has 21 days to locate the missing gear. Up to this point, the luggage would be known as delayed gear. With the possibility that he can not do it, the lost equipment would be delegated to him in the missing luggage.

There is no established control that refers to how compensation can be determined when there is a delay of luggage. The airship can pay every day by ensuring that the gear is located or you can decide on a timely solution. Also, some airlines may require reception as a confirmation before they pay for late baggage.

Losing luggage

Section 3, article 22 characterizes lost luggage. Expresses that if the aircraft could not locate the baggage it lacks for more than 21 days, it would be called lost equipment.

While an assessment of claims was made, the aviation routes would evaluate the estimation of luggage. If you have given the opportunity to do so under article 24, you will request the redemption of the related items and you can request receipts. It is likely that they will not give you all the claim, since their things could have been old. The biggest risk for an airplane is 1000 SDR that is characterized in article 2 of article 21. If you are looking for a higher demand, you can select the travel protection.

Damaged baggage

Article 10 characterizes the obligation of both the passenger and the carrier. Both the obligation of the airlines to discover the missing luggage, as well as the passenger inform them. In the possibility of discovering a baggage that has been harmed, at this point it must be immediately explained. At this time, you must fill in a framework with the name of "property anomaly" in the luggage work area. In any case, there is no legal requirement to send a report to the carrier company and they can not expel your case with the premise of not having a report.

Article 17 establishes the obligation and the degree of compensation for the damage. In case your equipment is damaged, the aircraft would confirm the reason for the damage and your compensation obligation would only be if things were blocked and keys to airlines.

There is a formal complaint that must be submitted to the aircraft within 7 days. The report itself is insufficient. They will then evaluate the claim made and may request receipts from harmful products.

There is a contrast between greed and complaint. The report is registered when, inform the problem in the configuration of the luggage territory at the aircraft terminal. Objection is a letter that you think in yourselves and send it to the carrier. There is no compulsory pre-requisite to record a report to make a sound.

Lost or missing items

Although there is an agreement for lost and missing things, proving them is extremely problematic. Most airline companies, clearly declared, prevented things that should not be transmitted in luggage. You are constantly asked to not transmit things that have a great incentive for your luggage.

Corresponding flights

Article 36 of part III clearly characterizes the significance of progressive transport by air. It states that you have different methods of correspondence insured under Article 1, and to the possibility that you have assigned the property to airlines, you could have compensation if there was a need for luggage. It clearly states that you can file a claim against any of the operators. Airlines can not accuse different airline companies and deny the demand on this premise, as this would be a rupture of the aircraft tradition. Both will be mutually risky as it is clarified in article 36 of paragraph 36 of the tradition.

Logistics equipment

The gear of the lodge is not the duty of an airplane. You have to watch over your care. In any case, under unusual conditions, airlines may be considered as responsible for presenting the luggage.

How to file a claim?

Article 31, which is identified with the timely warning of the protests, expresses that a case of delayed or missing baggage should be transmitted to the notification presenting a seriousness in the composition. The event courses planned to present the grievance in the composition are 7 days if there should be an incident of processed baggage or 14 days if there should be an incidence of Loading. The possibility of occurrence of event delay is 21 days.

You should also try to report the case to the board when you discover that the baggage is missing or damaged. Receiving the report you will get will help you base your protest. Keep in mind that recording reports is not an impulse as some airlines may indicate, but simply reinforces your case.

In the same way, along with the confusion the receipts of the products that you get in the injured state are joined. In case you delay the computer, you will have received your luggage when you enter. Tell the protest and connect a duplicate.

You can approach your visit to obtain some of the most important printed material for the documentation of the claim. Always indicate the correct problems and the things that were in progress that abstained or harmed.


Although we have more than 120 nations on board to take care of the problems of passengers through the tradition of Montreal, their use on the ground is not legitimately done. Airline companies constantly bother customers by denying claims that locate reasons such as lack of reports or receipts. A request is made to the customers to indicate the tests and they make a request for the visit that usually loses time. In fact, with the ability to send receipts by email, you call the aircraft terminal to terminate different customs, which lets you waste the time of the passenger and also its provocation. In fact, once you have presented all the evidence and the conventions have finished, the probability of obtaining complete compensation for your team is low. The Montréal tradition does not establish the level of reasoning measure that can be produced by estimating the article according to its age.

Another deficiency is an instance of missing luggage in the middle of the corresponding flights. However, we have clear traditions according to the Montréal tradition, with regard to the joint risk of both airlines. Airlines are reliably discovering a strategy known as "phenomenal conditions" to deny the guarantee of passengers.

Officials must work afterwards, decreasing the ideal opportunity for passengers to apply for their demand. They should also work after reducing the discomfort of passengers and a ton of printed material.


Before the Montreal Convention was restricted and merged into the laws of the United Kingdom, passengers only trusted in the protection of the trip. In any case, after that the passengers have been insured under this law. However, the largest amount you can claim can be low and you will not get full compensation, but this is a measure to insure the buyer's interests. This additionally is a discipline and a danger of notoriety for aircraft if they use laxity while doing operations.


The best search engine website to find cheap flight deals


There is no question about this: the best way to find a cheap flights agreement is on the Internet. A few years ago, a travel agent told me: "Today, it is impossible for a travel agent to compete with the Internet to find a cheap flight."

Unfortunately, there is not yet a super Internet site that, in just one step and a few seconds, can provide the cheapest flight among all airlines and for any destination. There are too many variables. Most search engines for airline tickets have their own specializations. A specific place, for example, can be excellent for domestic flights in the United States, but not for international flights.

Depending on your departure city (for example, London or Bangkok) or the country (for example, India or Australia), it is a different place that is better. In addition, your destination also influences where it is best to look for the flight. For example, if you travel to Asia or Australia, you will have to use different search engines than if you travel to Africa or America. To further complicate things, there are also inexpensive operators such as Ryanair, Easy Jet, Jetblue or Jetstar, which are not normally included in the main search engines. Low cost airline companies are airlines that offer less services and do not serve all destinations, but offer much cheaper flights than normal operators.

So, the question is: what is the best place to find the cheapest airline tickets? Unfortunately, for all the above reasons, it is difficult to answer. But I would say that is the best in perhaps 50 percent of the cases. It covers more than 140 travel search engines and can often provide tickets at low and competitive prices, and whatever your point of departure or destination is in the world.

It is an excellent place to start your search; You can even do a search using flexible dates. Another site that is worthwhile to use in parallel with Kayak and that is comparable to this is

But remember that although Kayak and Mobissimo are often a good source of cheap flights, they will not always give you the best price for your ticket. For the other options, you need some time and experience to know where to look for the best price. There are different books and resources available on this subject. It's worth watching and could help you save a lot of money on your next trips.


Importance and benefits of flight planning


Why is flight planning important?

Flight planning is very important for any flight that a pilot will make, since it creates a recipe for the most secure flight of a given day for the specific aircraft in question. Of course, the circumstances are never the same and, therefore, the calculations of each flight must adapt to the individual planes. Whether it's a private or a commercial flight, you need a thorough preparation before takeoff and there are many meticulous details to perform. The main points to consider in a flight plan are fuel, climate and the route. These details must work in the best way to allow the aircraft to take the safest and fastest route available and also conserve fuel. Fuel is the most important aspect of flight planning and favorable weather conditions can help an airplane make its journey with the minimum amount of fuel. Wind direction plays a big role in fuel consumption, since the wind that pushes a boat behind or ahead can help or hinder a pilot from making the trip with the least fuel. wind Another concern when preparing a flight is the fuel costs. Since they are now higher than ever, companies are looking for ways to try to save fuel whenever possible.

What are the advantages?

An effective flight plan will keep fuel consumption as low as possible, guarantee a safe and efficient flight, limit the risks and reduce the expense at the same time. By minimizing risks and maximizing savings, the flight planning software is currently at its highest level of sophistication and, regardless of the size of the company, there are many potential savings opportunities. Thanks to the development of internet and technology, pilots no longer have to calculate a flight with their hands. The introduction of quality planning programs not only saves money and time, but most importantly, saves lives.

The advantages are:

  • Save money to airlines
  • The latest software limits the risk.
  • It helps keep fuel consumption low.
  • It reduces flight time.
  • It helps to accurately indicate the amount of additional fuel needed.

Flight planning and additional fuel

All flights must bring not only enough fuel to complete the scheduled trip, but also a reservation amount to ensure that the boat can fly further if needed. Therefore, the fuel must be calculated with the nearest gallon. Sometimes you may need a different airport due to an interruption and this can make an alternative landing destination a very necessary option for pilots. That is why it is crucial that pilots take into account the additional fuel. The usual circumstances in which an airplane may not be able to land are bad weather that can cause problems of visibility and technical illumination or power problems. Although rare, other reasons can be emergencies of security, fire or evacuation by natural disaster. Another factor to keep in mind when calculating an additional amount of fuel is that the aircraft may need to pass over the alternative airport for an important time. Flight planning must be very precise and extremely detailed to cover all eventualities.


What do you have to know when traveling with your pet


According to the Air Transport Association, more than 500,000 pets travel by plane every year only to the United States of America. However, traveling is very stressful for a pet. Imagine the stress you're traveling in and multiply it a thousand times and that's how your pet feels. So, if you plan to take your pet on your next trip, this article will give you the good, the bad and the ugly of traveling with your pet.

The good

  • You should not go through the pain of trying to find a trusted pet kidnapper or try to find a trusted family friend / member who remembers taking care of your pet
  • Being able to travel with your pet can reassure your mind. This does not mean that you do not worry about making your pet at home or with a pet while you are on vacation.

The bad

  • Not all airlines accept pets. Some airlines do not support pets during the flight.
  • Depending on the airline, but those that allow pets to be admitted on board, they will often charge about $ 125 to $ 250 a way (this also depends on where they want to).
  • Pet animals are very stressed when traveling. There are a lot of environmental stressors present when pet animals travel on an airplane such as changes in temperature, noise and movements.

The Ugly

  • According to the statistics presented by the Department of Transportation, 122 dogs died in the cargo stays of US airlines between May – July 2010.
  • In 2011, 35 pets died while on an airplane with more than half dying on board Delta flights.
  • Airline law does not require airlines to report pet claims as accidents, losses and deaths.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how the trip can be with your pet, here are some things you should know when deciding to take your pet that is traveling with you.

Pre-flight preparations

  • Since traveling is already difficult for your pet, consider other factors that can add more stress before making a decision about whether or not you should take them with you. If your pet is too big or too young, consider leaving a neighbor or a member of your family. The same happens if they are hot or are pregnant.
  • Take your pet to the vet to make a review. This ensures that the health of your pet is in a good state to travel. Also, check the vaccinations necessary for your pet before leaving for your trip. You can request a health certificate to appear at the counter before boarding the flight.
  • Book your flight time. Because different airline companies have different policies on how to accommodate your pets on board, it would be much better to make arrangements beforehand. An easy way to do it is to make a reservation online. This way, you can learn more about your options, not just with your pet policies but also with your prices.
  • Airlines have different policies on the size of the carriers that allow inside the cabin. Check your airline about the size and look for requirements before buying a carrier. Remember that a carrier is under the same regulations as the one of recruitment. You can check the FAA's policies on transfer rules.
  • Some dog trainers recommend that you train your pet especially for traveling before the flight. Some suggested techniques are putting them on the floor of the car while driving. This is often used to change the movements that they probably experience on an airplane. Others also recommend using a smell of association with your pet such as lavender oil. You can put a drop of oil in your hands before feeding or taking them out. If it does, it allows them to have a positive association with this smell. So, if your pet is separated from you, you can put a drop of lavender oil on your carrier so that they keep calm during the trip.


Flying alone with 7 simple words


I flew a plane alone for the first time on the 16th anniversary.

During the last ten months, I have taken many lessons in flight. As a student pilot, my goal was to leave my anniversary. I flew each one of the two days before my birthday on July 16.

Those were not good days.

— A day before —

July 15, 1989: While I bounced the plane down the track looking for a low landing, my flight instructor fluttered and moaned to avoid being bothered in the small cabin. "Mike Alpha," our resilient Piper Warrior-powered airplane, held the beating silent. Only part of the process of teaching teens to fly.

To me I have a few hours to achieve my goal of leaving alone, the 7 simple words of my flight instructor echoed my mind:

"Proper pre-planning prevents poor performance."

I knew that I had not planned these flights properly. My landings were a test.

So I picked up my thoughts, I checked my books, I watched landing seamlessly and I experienced flying alone in my mind. I heard the roar of the engine, I felt the plane rising from the ground and sank to the pilot's seat while I made the left hand turn on the pattern. All the landings that I made were textbooks.

Now if I could only do in real life what I could do in my mind …

July 16, 1989: Every Friday changed everything. The day was very clear, without wind.

After two disembarkations that could have been used for training videos, my flight instructor made me get out of the track and stop me. He looked at me and said 7 simple words that I will remember until he died:

"I think I'll put myself out."

Adrenaline, emotion and fear ran through my body. When I left the plane and closed the door, I was, for the first time, alone and in full control of Mike Alpha. The moment had already arrived.

The flight was memorable, as was the custom to write the date on the back of the shirt, and then cut my back to frame it.

On the 16th, I achieved my goal by remembering 7 simple words.

We all have goals that we try to achieve. So you can also meet the advice of my flight instructor: remember that proper pre-planning prevents poor performance. "P to 7", he called it. It is a memorable memory that I have taken with me for more than 3 decades.

Paul J. Meyer is known as the founder of the motivation industry. Here is the Formula of success, which connects very well with the 7 simple words from my flight instructor:

  1. Crystallize your thinking
  2. Develop a plan to achieve your goal and a deadline to achieve it
  3. Develop a sincere desire for the things you want in life
  4. Develop supreme trust in yourself and in your own abilities
  5. Develop a determined determination to continue with your plan

Then build your determination with sustained effort, controlled attention and concentrated energy.

As you complete your approach by 2016, be sure to plan properly [before you act], so you will avoid poor performance. When you return to the baseline, check your plan and focus your attention, you will achieve your goal and reach the airplane as smooth as the baby's bottom.

Remember these 7 simple words while planning your marketing, explain your business and make your dreams come true.

Have a safe flight!


Understand the operation of the planes


Most people do not care too much about how they fly the plane when they travel. They only trust that he will do his things and take them wherever they go. While the physics of what an airborne aircraft maintains can be complicated, the basic concepts are quite simple.

The most important part of an airplane is the wing. Its unique form is the one that is in charge of offering elevator. The upper limit is thicker than the final limit, and is flat at the bottom, with the top surface rolled downwards to the back. This allows the air to flow straight on the lower part, while forcing it on the upper part of the wing, making it accelerate. The result is the lighter air above the wing than below, causing it to rise.

On fixed wing planes, the forward movement of the plane provides the flow of air above the wings. This movement is provided by the engines. Modern aircraft use motors or propellers. The propellers work the same way as the screws of a ship, while the jets burn fuel in a combustion chamber and use a series of rotors to accelerate the air through the engine.

In helicopters, instead of the motors that drive the plane forward to give a flow of air over the wings, the wings (rotor blades) actually turn to provide the elevator.

Getting to the air is just half the story. There are three components for the movement of the airplanes; pitch (up / down), roll (movement on the horizontal axis), and yaw (movement around the vertical axis). With nothing of wings and motors, there would be no control over what the plane was doing. This control is achieved with mobile panels in both wing and tail sets.

The tail consists of two main components, a vertical and horizontal stabilizer. Both use mobile panels to direct the flow of air and control the direction of the flight. The vertical stabilizer uses a rudder that controls the yoke (left / right direction the fuselage is pointing), while the horizontal stabilizer has laps to control the pitch (fusing pointing down / up).

The movable panels of the control roll of the wings (the movement around the horizontal axis governs to the left / right). Keys to the final edge and slats on the bottom lower edge to give an additional lift during takeoff and landing.

This, of course, only covers the very basic components of the operation of the planes. Jumbo passenger aircraft and supersonic military vessels could not fly without sophisticated and computer-controlled electronic flight systems. However, for small and single-engine airplanes, there is little more than what you've covered.


Would you like your next destination to travel with cheap flights?


Whether it's a business or a leisure trip; you can fly to Endeavor Air in around 130 destinations around the world in a well-organized way that guarantees the maximum satisfaction of the trip.


One of the most important regional airlines in the United States, Endeavor is the world's largest operator of Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft. Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Endeavor Air operates as a Delta connection to more than 154 regional aircraft in about 800 daily flights to more than 130 destinations in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. The air carrier has the largest 76-km Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft fleet, in addition to the remarkable number of CRJ-700 regional airplanes and 50 CRJ-200 seats. It covers all time zones in North America, including destinations in Canada and the Bahamas along with your collaboration with Codesharing, Olympic Air, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia International and WestJet.


One of the most important regional airlines in the United States, Endeavor Air, is based at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, which serves as a corporate base for airline companies along with its main important airports to the airport. New York LaGuardia at John F. Kennedy Airport and New York. Detroit Wayne Metropolitan Metropolitan Airport.

Services in the flight

Effortful flights offer world class in-flight entertainment systems that include Delta Air dedicated to audio-video on demand (AVOD) with a large collection of movies to choose from, interesting games to attract and entertain travelers of all ages and dedicated televisions. loaded with satellite TV functionality on selected flights, Wi-Fi connectivity during flights for those who wish to stay connected for personal or business reasons. Passengers have the purchase facility on board drinks and non-alcoholic snacks, and first-class passengers can enjoy drinks and free non-alcoholic snacks. One of the most important functions for Endeavor airlines is its approach to supporting passengers with welcome service animals and emotional support to the national system and to many international destinations at no cost to the cabin. Emotional support animals can accompany a disabled passenger on a flight with prior permission and required official formality.

Web registration

Passengers have the facility to register directly on the Endeavor Air flight from anywhere they want. The arrival process is faster and easier through the web registration, allowing the passenger to do the billing and print the boarding card directly from their systems without waiting for the long queues of the airport. It also allows passengers to check their baggage in advance, the selection of the desired seat, the selection of food options and many others before the actual flight exit.

With a customer-centered approach that guarantees the best possible service to its passengers, Endeavor airlines are surely one of the best American flight service companies.


Cheap plane flight: strategies to get the lowest tickets


Air travel is generally considered an expensive luxury, especially during the holiday season. Many travelers with a small budget often find it difficult to find a cheap flight. However, the following tips can help you find the best discounted offers on the market and save hundreds of dollars on the cost of your tickets.

Travel consolidators.

When you search for a cheap flight, it is sometimes advisable to consult with a travel consolidator. A travel consolidator buys airline seats in bulk from airline companies and then sells them at a reduced price at the normal price. Very often, you can buy a cheap plane flight to a travel consolidator for much less than if you buy it in the same airline. With a Travel Consolidator, it is best to book in advance to guarantee the highest discount available. However, do not discount them if you need a cheap plane flight in the short term, as you can achieve massive savings in any seat not sold on flights that are within a few days of the planned departure.

Travel predictors.

A little-known strategy to get a cheap flight is to use a travel forecast. A travel forecast is an online service that allows you to compare the rates of many airlines. A travel forecast will also tell you if the price of a specific plane ticket increases or falls, and then forecast how likely the price will be. Next, it will advise you whether or not to buy your ticket or wait a little longer. A travel prediction site is and I highly recommend you take a look.


Fly a floating plane: advantages and disadvantages


Flying with a floating plane may not be as difficult as you think. With a few flight training sessions to a flight school near you, you may experience your dream faster than you realize.

What kind of license is needed in Canada?

Once you have a Private Pilot License, you just have to apply for a qualification certificate to fly a floating plane. To fly a hydraulic plane, the pilot must complete a minimum of seven additional hours of flight training in a floating plane, which includes at least 5 hours of training with your flight instructor and at least 5 take-offs and 5 landings as a solo pilot. of the plane. If you want a plane of 2 crew members, you must have the 5 take-offs and landings as a pilot in the aircraft's command.

What kind of license is needed in the United States?

If you want to get the rating of Single Engine Seaplane (ASES), you will need approximately 6 to 10 hours of pilot training with your flight Instructor in the field of taxi and sailing, mooring, mooring and also on foot. You should also be trained in take-offs and landings with various weather and water conditions, including normal, glazed, rough and backward variations. Emergency operations are important and we need to study them. Finally, a flight control exam with a designated pilot examiner approved by the FAA has been successfully completed. (D.P.E.)

What are the advantages of flying a floating plane?

The first and main advantage is: accessibility. There are many landing bands for pilots that are used, but there are still more water sites for seaplanes. Think about it: the rough and wild place of virtually any place can be the destination site. Buy this remote house and access your private dock.

The other advantage of flying a floating plane is the ease of being able to take off or land almost always directly into the wind. Since you will not limit yourself to a track, you can use the advantages of the water surface that make landing easier and faster loading.

What is the disadvantage?

Well, water has a lot of drag and friction … and being water means that your track is almost moving. This adds some complications.

The other disadvantage is the added cost of a floating plane. When you think about the costs and make them on paper, note that you could really buy a land plane and a new Mercedes brand with the same cost as a seaplane. This means that you could really buy this Mercedes again and leave it at the airport and use it to drive to your cottage as a cheaper option than buying a floating plane.

What are the costs?

The downside is that the costs of floating aircraft have dropped considerably in recent years. The best advice is to sit down and see what comes out on the market. The current tendency seems to indicate that, the more you wait, the lower the price will be.


The best you can do right now is to simply pledge to go out and take a practice flight on a floating plane. A good flight instructor will give you some great opportunities to see how the world might look like if you were part of the floating airplane club. If you plan to be a pilot at pleasure, I assure you that it is … and it is probably much more than you think! Check your flight school in your area for more information.